David plots to cause more mischief between Jason and Sarah and he steals Jason’s phone then hands it to Sarah and says he found it in the street. David knows that Sarah won’t be able to resist looking at Jason’s texts and he sends a message from Becky’s phone. Sarah reads the texts and she’s devastated and confronts Jason about his ‘affair’.

Liam plays it cool when Carla claims that she and Tony are closer than ever. Carla is just about dealing with Liam’s engagement to Maria, but she struggles to paint on a smile when Maria later announces that she’s pregnant. Carla falters as she tells Liam that she’s pleased for him, while Liam can barely tear his eyes away from her.

Jack and Vera tell Paul, Tyrone and Molly that they have decided to leave Weatherfield and they are going to move to Blackpool. All three are shocked by the news but Paul has an extra worry on his mind. He realises that if his grandparents try to sell up they will discover that he took a loan out on the house in Jack’s name!

Also, Lloyd breaks his promise to Dan to pay his debts and Dan pinches his cab to teach him a lesson!