A bitter Hannah blames Sarah for John-Paul’s roving eye and bitches about her to Craig.

Sarah’s upset by their sniping and confronts John-Paul, telling him she wishes he’d kept his feelings for her secret. But when Craig and Hannah spot Sarah and John-Paul together, their paranoia grows.

Later, John-Paul attempts to persuade Craig that Sarah is blameless and has never encouraged him, but a riled Craig confronts Sarah and tells her he’s had enough of her games.

Nancy is after a new flatmate, but is finding it extra tricky to get hold of the perfect candidate for the job. When Dennis the python-wielding mother’s boy refuses to move in because of Becca’s reputation, Nancy gets desperate. It looks like she’s got no option but to accept stir-crazy Mercedes and Russ as her new housemates, until her day brightens when she gets a visit from a gorgeous male stripper Freddie!

Also, Warren continues to exert his power over The Loft – and declares an intimidated Justin is his new right-hand man. An enraged Tony and Dominic decide to square up to Warren, but he’s not bothered.