Sarah fears her secret’s out!

Lydia apologises to Sarah when Sarah confronts her about her frosty behaviour and explains that she’s been burnt in the past and wanted to make sure Sarah was on the level. Lydia moves in for a kiss and Sarah responds but she panics she’s about to be outed when she realises that Michaela has seen them together.

Calvin is irritated when Mark gets back from his secondment and winds him up about his friendship with Warren. Later, Mark catches Warren handing money to Calvin for a job and Calvin panics that Mark will report him. Calvin begs Mark to keep his silence and reveals that he’s setting Warren up so he can nail him.

Leila and Elliot put the awkward moment behind them and Leila finally plucks up the courage to ask Elliot for dinner. Elliot is excited about the date but he gets nervous when his friends remind him of all the possible first date pitfalls and he’s a wreck by the time he gets to Leila’s. The evening goes well, but when Leila moves in for a kiss, Elliot panics and flees.

Also, Rhys sabotages The Somethings gig at The Dog to get revenge on Josh for sacking him.

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