Sarah tells Kylie they’ve found Callum’s body in the canal and it’s only a matter of time before they’re arrested. Sarah announces she’s going to the police, but Kylie pulls out all the stops to try and persuade her not to.

Carla and Aidan introduce Johnny to the factory girls but they aren’t sure what to make of him. As Johnny scans the factory accounts, he’s unimpressed and confronts Carla. It’s clear she’s embarrassed as she explains how she had a gambling problem, but she’s now determined to get the business back on track.

Roy books surprise tickets for a concert for him and Cathy, but when he sees Ken looking downbeat, he invites him along instead. Anna queries the wisdom of such a move, but Roy is worried about his friend and decides the sacrifice is worth it.

In an attempt to keep her mind off Hope’s test results, Fiz tells Tyrone of the busy day she has planned for the girls.