When Sheila overhears Sarah mention Karl in a call to her ex husband, Dr. Peter Hannay, and witnesses her frequent bouts of nausea, she airs her theory to Susan – that Sarah is pregnant and has Karl in her sights. Susan confronts Sarah only to be told the shocking truth.

It’s ANZAC Day, and Aaron and Nate go to the Dawn Service, and then onto The Waterhole. Suddenly, Aaron receives a text from a mysterious number, saying: ‘I know what you did to Tom Quill’. Aaron freaks out – but Nate advises they wait for the person to make the next move.

Imogen and Daniel discover Judge Barton has secured an expedited marriage license for them – they can marry as soon as they like. After some deliberation, Imogen decides he’s right, but on one condition – they get married in secret, so as not to cause any more hurt.

Piper’s furious when she learns Ben bought her new laptop with the stolen money. Meanwhile, Xanthe tags everyone at school in her photos with Piper and Madison’s help but she isn’t prepared for what happens next…