As Sarah prepares for the Christening, she tells Harry that today they can finally say goodbye to the devil and Kylie’s worried she sees the whole thing as a kind of exorcism. As the godparents gather round the font, Harry screams in Sarah’s arms and thrusting him at Nick, she runs from the church.

Sharif makes it clear Gary’s not welcome at the gym, but reminding Sharif that he’s a partner in the business, Gary refuses to leave then accuses him of using Izzy’s situation to take back his share of the business. Meanwhile, Johnny tells Izzy he can’t allow someone on dope to operate a machine but she assures him she only uses it for pain relief.

When Gail opens a birthday card from Martin, David, Kylie and Sarah realise with horror they’ve forgotten her birthday. But when Nick finds out he’s panicked by his lapse in memory.

Luke’s thrilled when Maria asks him to move in with her. Liz is delighted to see Chris in the pub with his son Sam.