Hannah has a headache with her helpers for the Halloween Ball. Justin and Leila aren’t speaking and Sarah and Elliot, are going through a weird phase following their break-up. Then a power failure in the SU bar gets Hannah even more stressed out. Meanwhile, Sarah is overcome with jealousy over Hannah and Elliot’s closeness and angrily cuts up Hannah’s Halloween dress, leaving it in shreds.

Newt is surprised when his mum arrives to see him as arranged. He is further delighted when she tells him she is drug-free and has wanted to contact him for a while. Meanwhile, Frankie is concerned to learn that the strange woman Newt is talking to is actually his mum, Shelley. Later, in a misguided bid to relieve the pressures of the pub auction and baby Charlie, Newt announces to Frankie that he wants to live with his mother.

Rhys and Gilly are left in charge of Drive ‘N’ Buy, and immediately make a bet on who will be able to pull the next girl that walks in by using their alter egos of an ex-fighter pilot and an internet millionaire. Rhys manages to wangle himself a date with a beautiful girl – Amber. Unfortunately, he is humiliated when she later remembers him from his publicised incestuous relationship with his sister.

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