Sarah flips out at Mike and Zoe

As Zoe comes to terms with the fact that her affair with Mike is now common knowledge, Sarah and Amy discuss how Zoe has betrayed them. Later, tearful Zoe finds Mike decorating in Washed Up. But Sarah is furious to see them together and flings open the door, sending Mike crashing down from his ladder in pain. Later, Sarah runs into Zoe and wheelchair-bound Mike on their way back from the hospital, and declares she is not returning home as long as Zoe is still in the house. Ste’s having a hard time of things with Amy giving him the cold shoulder and Mike laying into him for ruining his life. But he’s pleased when Amy returns and chucks Mike out, telling him she’s severing all ties. Over at Niall’s flat, Michaela’s slovenliness is annoying him but she is oblivious. At Evissa, Carmel admits to Niall that Myra misses Michaela and they want her back home. Seizing the opportunity to get rid of Michaela, Niall lies that Michaela also wants to come home, but is too proud to admit it. Also, Sasha and Fletch bunk off school to have sex. But they’re rudely interrupted when a furious Leo walks in with Val. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip