Bethany’s teacher explains to Sarah how many times they’ve tried to contact her about Bethany’s lack of attendance. Sarah realises Bethany must have intercepted all the letters and emails. Blaming herself for her lack of parenting skills, Sarah confronts her daughter.

Pointing out she’s a director of Underworld, Carla makes out she just borrowed the money. Meanwhile, Tracy tells Nick they’d like to up their offer for the bistro by a further £10k. Nick confides in Carla he’d rather sell to Leanne, but Carla’s adamant he’d be foolish not to take the extra cash.

Mary hits the cocktails and tries to chat up a guy at the bar. Liz and Erica suggest she reins herself in, but Mary’s on a roll. As Dev and Erica help drunken Mary into No.7, Mary points out it’s obvious they fancy each other.

In the safety of the rectory, Marta tells Eva and Billy how the O’Driscolls kept her as a slave and confiscated her passport.

Meanwhile. Izzy’s grateful when Gary arrives with some cannabis.