Sarah gloats over David

Sarah practises her Italian and delights in winding up David, who is getting more and more irate. David warns Sarah that he hasn’t finished with her yet, but as far as Sarah is concerned, she has won. Sarah and Jason have a farewell party in the pub and Jason is quiet. Jason dismisses David when he tells him that Sarah has stitched them both up but Jason is nevertheless unnerved.

Kevin prepares for his court appearance and when Rosie wishes him good luck he yells at her for putting him in such a terrible position. Kevin returns from court after pleading guilty and he admits to Bill and Tyrone that he is worried he’ll get sent down. Meanwhile, Fiz cries on Maria’s shoulder.

Michelle is still in a state and Steve decides to take her out to the Italian in a bid to distract her. Michelle breaks down and tells Steve that she can’t stop thinking about the DNA test, but she doesn’t know if she has the courage to go through with it.

Also, Vernon marks his territory when Jim offers to help out; Kirk is smitten with Becky when she gives him a Christmas kiss and refuses to leave her alone!