Todd charges off to fetch help when Sarah has a sudden contraction – she’s five weeks off her due date! As Sarah’s contractions intensify she’s relieved when the ambulance arrives with Todd and David. As she’s wheeled into the maternity unit, Sarah fears there’s something seriously wrong.

Anna’s outraged when Todd voices distaste at her affair with Phelan and throws him out of the café for spreading lies. When she then catches Mary, Sean and Andy gossiping, Kevin tries to comfort her but it seems they just can’t escape Phelan.

Aidan tells Johnny that he and Eva shopped the O’Driscolls to the police for keeping a domestic slave and consequently Underworld has lost their account. As Johnny and Aidan try to drum up some new business the staff start to fear for their jobs. Meanwhile, Marta calls into the factory looking for Eva.

Lauren and her cronies accost Bethany in the street. A passing Gemma sends them packing, but not before Lauren snatches Bethany’s mobile.