Kylie begs Sarah not to go to the police, but Sarah tells Michelle that she needs to go to the police as she has information about the body they’ve found in the canal. Later, Kylie finds a jittery Sarah heading to the police station and tries to stop her as she prepares to tell the police everything.

When Kevin arrives in an upbeat mood and announces he’s just landed another contract, Tyrone’s worried, knowing he needs time off to be with Hope. Aware of the stress they’re under, Sinead insists that Tyrone and Fiz go for a drink whilst she babysits. Tyrone is determined to put on a brave face but it’s only a matter of time before he snaps under the pressure.

Carla, Aidan, Johnny and Kate discuss the factory over dinner in the bistro. Johnny confirms that he’s on board with the factory on two conditions; that he’s central to the running of the business and that they find a job for Kate. Carla’s annoyed but realizes they only way forward is to reach a compromise.

As Roy and Ken set off for their classical concert, Cathy admits to Anna she’s jealous of Ken. So Anna explains Roy had intended to take her and only invited Ken out of pity.