As Gail, Audrey, Kylie and Bethany prepare to welcome Carla to the family, twitchy Sarah makes a dart for the door. Gail grabs her arm and in so doing sends Bethany’s tray of drinks flying. So Sarah resorts to drastic actions to escape the party, and ends up in hospital with baby Harry. When the doctor confirms there’s nothing wrong with Harry, Kylie gives her a piece of her mind.

Scheming Phelan offers to help Jason sell Tony’s property. Later, Jason apologises to Gemma for the way he treated her and suggests they meet for a drink. Gemma’s thrilled until she realises Eileen and Phelan are coming too.

Johnny watches as Jenny waves at Jack and Sally and Sophie tell her to stay away. Taking their lead from Sally, the factory girls also give Jenny the cold shoulder leaving Johnny feeling sorry for her.

Nick snaps at David for failing to organise the stag party and asks Steve to help instead. When Tim announces he’s booked a mini-break, Sally’s thrilled while Beth and Sean are envious. Alex suggests he and Roy play on his Xbox.