Bethany’s unimpressed after being forced to work at the Bistro for the day for free when the door flies open and Sarah storms in. Bethany cowers as Sarah tears a strip off her, revealing the truth behind Bethany’s arrival in Weatherfield.

Tony tells Liz and Michelle the money has come through from the house sale and he’s paid off Steve’s tax bill. Later, Tracy tells Tony her plans for expanding the business and he fobs her off. But as they all attend Amy’s recorder recital, Steve thanks Tony for paying his tax bill and the penny drops for Tracy.

Craig implores Faye to reconsider her plans for the impending birth. But when Tim approaches and demands to know what Faye is keeping from him, Craig keeps schtum.

Sally spends the day working as Norris’s butler. Sharif enlists the help of Zeedan and Simon with his allotment. Gail struggles with the web of deceit she’s created.