Sarah Platt is devastated when David breaks the news that Gary is dead!

Sarah is inconsolable when David gets a phone call confirming Gary has been killed.

David comes off the phone and confirms that a British National has been killed and they found a silver St Christopher amongst the wreckage. Sarah breaks down in tears, finally accepting that Gary is dead.

As Phelan breaks the news of Gary’s death, Nicola’s visibly shaken. She rails at Phelan, ordering him to leave. David watches their exchange from his car, his suspicions heightened. Later, David hammers on Nicola’s door and demands to know what’s going on.

When Yasmeen sets out to recruit a Santa for her Christmas grotto, Brian plays hard to get and is ultimately disappointed when Yasmeen offers the role to Roy.

Luke corners Rana in the Rovers and tears a strip off her for the lack of respect she’s showing Zeedan but he’s stopped in his tracks when she reveals she’s pregnant and neither Zeedan nor Kate know.

Meanwhile, Luke becomes suspicious about Andy.

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