Sarah Platt puts Gary in a difficult position

Gary’s quietly furious when Sarah Platt adds to his money woes.

Gary’s furious when Sarah Sarah Platt reveals she’s agreed to put down a deposit on a new flat and comes clean to Don and admits he has no insurance. Don tells him he’s fired and demands £10k to pay for the damage he’s caused.

In desperation, Gary meets up with Joe and confirms he’ll take the security work in the Ukraine as he needs cash fast. Gary lies to Sarah, making out he’s landed some more lucrative work with his Dad in Hamburg.

Robert returns home on bail and blames himself for bringing Rich into his and Michelle’s lives.

Using a false name, Rosie dupes Todd and Adam into giving her an interview. When Mrs Banks, a prospective client, calls in for divorce advice, Rosie turns on the charm. Will she get the job? When Gemma excitedly reminds Chesney that he’s due back at work tomorrow, Sinead can tell something’s bothering him.