Sarah attends her parents’ support group and is shocked when Gary arrives. She talks about how she feels she let Bethany down, and Gary promises her that from now on he’ll be there for her. Will Sarah thaw towards him? Later, Gary receives a call from Joe offering him another gig in the Ukraine in three days time…

Gemma and Kathy are interrupted by a lad who, after looking Gemma up and down, tells her she certainly doesn’t match her profile. Gemma’s upset to discover Zoe and Roxy have set up a fake account on a dating site.

Sally’s furious to discover that Gina’s been storing the box of bric-a-brac which she promised she’d sold.

Shona joins the Platts for a barbeque. Robert reads a bistro review in which they refer to him as Nick. Michelle’s concerned when Will offers to knock up some designs for Robert.