Sarah plays Cupid!

Sarah Sugden is poorly, but she still has enough energy to play matchmaker. The little girl is missing Alicia and wants to see her – with Andy. Awkward! Andy has been steering clear of Alicia since he dumped her ,but he’ll do anything for his daughter, so he persuades Alicia to meet him and Sarah in the cafe. It’s clear Sarah wants her daddy to rekindle his romance with Alicia and it’s clear Alicia would like that, too. But it’s not clear what Andy wants – beyond Sarah being healthy. And the likelihood of that seems a long way off when the hospital gets in touch again.

While Alicia and Andy are keeping their feelings to themselves Aaron opens up and admits to Chas that he needs help. Has his mum finally got through to him? No. He saw how much he scared Hazel when he turned on her and he doesn’t want to be that person.

Cameron and Charity, on the other hand, are keen to come on strong to Carl and Jimmy King. Cameron has his own truck and, with Charity as a business partner, he plans to start his own haulage firm – starting with Jai’s business. Sweet! But Carl and Jimmy are sour.