Sarah plays Ross for a fool

*Second episode*

When Ross returns to the house, where he’s been baking cakes with Sarah and Jack, to find the place filled with smoke he knows he’s been played. Sensing Sarah had a hand in it, he’s not impressed. But Debbie is furious to find out he left her kids home alone and tears strips off Ross, who storms out on her. Will Debbie realise her daughter’s been deliberately acting up to spite her mum’s new bloke?

In the Woolie, Megan is saying her goodbyes as she prepares to start a new life with the baby she’s secretly carrying. Sam’s relieved to see her friend is going to make a clean getaway, thanks to him having locked Jai in a container! But unbeknown to Sam, Jai has broken free and is determined to confront Megan, who’s carrying his child. Megan, however, is in the graveyard saying goodbye to her late son, Robbie. And as she leaves, she’s mown down by Jai, who didn’t see her exiting the church… Has he killed the pregnant mum?

Turning to her dad, Laurel confides in her dad about how Sandy has accused her of still having feelings for Ashley. Realising Sandy may have been right, Laurel tells her dad that it makes no difference as her clergyman ex is with Harriet now.