Sarah raises the fire alarm! (VIDEO)

*Hour-long episode*

Alarm bells ring when Sarah wanders into The Woolpack in her nightie. She’s woken up to find Dale View is on fire! Cain, Amy and Andy race to the cottage and desperately fight the fire to save Jack and Kerry. By the time Debbie gets home from doing business (of more than one kind) with Kirk, Cain is very hot under the collar. Debbie needs to care for her children, he says. But the following afternoon, Debbie leaves her kids with Belle, who’s little more than a child herself (despite the make-up and kissing games with the boys). Cain’s furious. First Moira loses their baby because of Debbie, now this. He’s had enough and tells Debbie she’s on her own.

Kerry’s on her own, too. After being dragged from the burning house, Kerry sloped off and slept in Dan’s camper van. When she thinks it’s safe to show her face, she heads back to burnt and smoke-damaged Dale View – and Debbie catches her. Debbie’s anger is as hot as the fire, but it’s Andy who really scalds Kerry when he dumps her. That only leaves Amy for Kerry to turn to, but even Amy turns away from her.

Alicia turned away from Dom at first, but his persistence is paying off. Alicia is warming to him and his plans to move into Brook Cottage mean that they’ll be seeing a lot more of each other. David doesn’t like the sound of that…