Sarah ruins David’s chances with Mel

David organises a night out at the cinema with Mel and when a jealous Amber asks him about it he boasts that it’s a date. Sarah is intrigued and when she bumps into Mel she spitefully tells her all about David’s infatuation with Maria. David is mortified when Mel stands him up and when he returns home with his tail between his legs, Sarah reveals that she scuppered his ‘date’ and he is seething.

Audrey pops over to the Websters and they gossip about Ashley’s relationship with the manipulative Casey and they all express their concern. Kevin sees Ashley before he goes off on holiday and pleads with him not to give up on his marriage to Claire, but Ashley is furious with his interference.

Cilla has her first day at work at the care home and talks down to one of the residents when he starts up some cheeky banter. But her attitude soon changes when her supervisor warns her to be nice to Frank because he comes from a wealthy family. She goes back to Frank and turns on the charm!

Also, Paul discovers where Jack keeps his cash.