Sarah ruins David’s hopes

Sarah sneaks the ecstasy tablets into David’s drawer at the salon and she then innocently tells Audrey that her scissors are in David’s drawer. Audrey is horrified when she opens the drawer and finds the drugs and she confronts a stunned David, before marching him over to Gail to tell her what she’s found. David insists that he has no idea how the drugs got there, but Gail refuses to believe him and tells him that he will no longer be going to Italy. Sarah is delighted.

Liam takes Maria to an appointment at the hospital and he’s miffed when he returns to discover that the factory Christmas party is already in full swing and Tony bought all the supplies. Liam’s mood doesn’t improve when he sees Carla and Tony canoodling in the corner.

Rosie arranges to bump into John on the street and she moans that she wants to spend more time with him. John hastily agrees to take her away for a naughty night in a hotel when Rosie threatens to tell Fiz about their affair.

Also, Liz is thoughtful when Jim questions whether Vernon will make her any happier than he did.