Sarah puts the next stage of her sabotage plan into action and procures some ecstasy tablets from one of the punters at the Italian restaurant. Gail later dismisses Sarah’s suggestion that David may be on drugs when he comes back from Darryl’s in a mood, but it is clearly playing on her mind.

Michelle is furious when stalker Nick turns up at the Rovers to confront her. Michelle tells him that his suggestion that their sons could have been mixed up at the hospital is absurd but Nick stands firm and tells her that his and his wife’s DNA doesn’t match their son Alex, and the only way for her to be sure is to take a DNA test herself. Michelle firmly refuses.

Jim turns up at the pub to collect Amy and Vernon is miffed when Jim and Liz appears to be getting on. Vernon feels even more uncomfortable about Jim’s presence when Jim cheerfully tells him he looked over Vernon’s wedding vows and knows that Liz will love them!

Also, Rosie confronts John for ignoring her texts and calls; Fiz is upset when Chesney refuses to have Christmas lunch with her and John as he doesn’t want to leave Kirk on his own.