Sarah steals from the collection box! (VIDEO)

As Sarah Sugden continues to help out the mysterious lady who's hiding out in the Dingles' barn, she steals money for her

As Sarah Sugden continues to help the woman hiding out in the barn, a strong bond is forming between them. With Sarah worried about the stowaway’s health, she takes drastic measures to get her mitts on some cash to help her by nicking the collection box in the cafe. Will she get caught in the act?

At Home Farm, Lawrence wants the feud between Chrissie and Charity to end. When he offers to reimburse his daughter with the cash that was stolen, will Chrissie agree to drop her beef? As Debbie decides she’s washing her hands of her mum, Charity meanwhile concocts another scam. When Frank hands over cash for David’s charity from his ill-gotten gains with his new accomplice Charity, will the ex-con be tempted to work with her again when she offers up a second ‘opportunity’?

Watch this clip from the episode;