Amy helps Sarah organise a fundraiser where they hope to persuade Jordan, a rich businessman staying at Mara, to invest in the hospital. Meanwhile, Max surprises Rosie with a huge diamond engagement ring but Rosie has doubts. Rosie tries to talk to Max but it comes out all wrong and he asks for the ring back. The fundraising goes well until Ekotto, one of the locals, accuses them of wasting water. Matters get worse when Kriel finds Amy in a compromising situation with Jordan and blackmails him to withdraw his investment in the animal hospital. Later, Amy is thrown out by Kriel and seeks refuge at Leopard’s Den. Danny and Sarah visit Ekotto whose cattle are in a desperate situation and Danny decides to sell some of their most valuable animals to build a well for the community. Some locals, led by Ekotto, arrive with a truckload of timber to help him achieve his animal hospital dream. A further surprise arrives when Max brings back Danny’s much-loved cheetah, which had been sold, and reveals he sold Rosie’s engagement ring to pay for her. He tells Rosie he knows what’s important to her and he knows that they will be happy.