Sarah is furious that David has been offered an opportunity by Stephen and she rants at Audrey that David is being rewarded for his bad behaviour. Audrey tries to convince Sarah that it will benefit her and Jason as they will no longer have to move out, but Sarah is not having any of it. David is disturbed when Sarah darkly warns him that she’ll see to it that he doesn’t go abroad.

Michelle is on edge about Ryan going to the gaming competition alone and she decides to go with him. Steve warns Michelle that she needs to get back to normal for her and Ryan’s sake. Michelle seems more relaxed when they return from the competition and she promises Steve that she’ll stop being so protective, but worries about Ryan’s stalker are still at the back of her mind.

John takes Rosie on a date but Rosie is less than happy when he drives her to a lay-by for a sex session and she makes it clear that she thinks their furtive moments together are becoming sordid. Rosie reminds John that she wants to spend more time with John over the holidays, but John refuses to commit.

Also, Dan fancies Mel’s mate Abi; Violet and Jamie move into their flat.