Sarah’s confused about Lydia

Archie is uninterested in Sarah without the thrill of the chase and she feels humiliated when he goes into flirt mode at the dance class. Sarah gets him back by putting on a sexy dance show with Lydia then tells Archie it’s over between them. Sarah buys Lydia a thank you drink and Lydia can’t resist and kisses her. Sarah momentarily returns the kiss, before pulling away, confused…

Amy feels guilty about kissing Ste and she snaps at Josh, who is doing his best to look after his girlfriend. Josh crosses paths with Ste, who can’t resist telling his rival that he shared a kiss with Amy the previous night. Josh can’t contain his anger and he lashes out and punches Ste.

Lauren laps up the attention from Newt and gloats to Anita. Anita takes her frustration out on the football in P.E. and accidentally sends it flying into Lauren. Newt is watching and Lauren milks the situation and gets Newt to take her home. While Anita worries she’s ruined things between her and Newt, Lauren is left gutted when Newt makes it clear that Anita is now his girlfriend.

Also, Elliot gets flustered when he does a passionate tango with Leila at the dance class.

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