Sarah’s infuriated by smug David

Sarah is furious that David is still twisting everyone round his little finger, but she knows he’s insincere when he apologises for ruining her wedding and honeymoon. Jason is becoming increasingly impatient with Sarah’s lack of compassion, while Sarah is frustrated that she’s the only one who can see through David’s games. Sarah worries that all she and Jason have done since the wedding is argue.

Rosie manages to opt out of a family bowling trip for Sophie’s birthday by pretending that she’s ill and she invites John over for a few hours of passion. Sally and Kevin arrive home unexpectedly and the illicit lovers are almost caught out, but John lies that he’s called round to see if Sally needs to book another lesson. A delighted Sally is sure that John has a crush on her!

Steve suggests that Michelle, Ryan and Ozzy move into the Rovers while Liam is away and Michelle doesn’t need asking a second time.

Also, Jerry gets back from Milan and makes it up to Jodie by giving her the week off; Eileen and Todd now know that Violet’s baby is a boy and it seems that before long everyone, but Violet will find out.