Craig is struggling to deal with Sarah’s new found success as she heads off to London for a modelling job accompanied by Hannah. But Sarah starts feeling jittery when she’s told she’s doing an underwear shoot. But she soon cheers up when a hot male model steps in to help her out.

Meanwhile, back in Chester, Rhys and Darren are winding Craig up about Sarah’s new found fame. But when Craig tries to call her and she doesn’t answer her phone, his imagination goes into overdrive.

The McQueen household is thrown into chaos when an annoyed Tina and Mercedes discover they’ve both booked their weddings on the same day. With neither of them willing to back down, quick thinking Myra decides to book a double wedding to keep both couples happy.

Next on the girls list is their respective hen nights, and they head to The Loft to discuss their plans. But as they dance the night away, a disco ball suddenly falls off the ceiling and smashes all over the dance floor. Seizing the opportunity to make some ready cash, Mercedes writhes around on the floor pretending to be hurt.

*Screened on TV3, Monday July 2*

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