Sarah’s secret’s out – and daddy’s not happy

Zoe and Mike are excited as they plan their trip around Europe, but Sarah is sick of seeing them all over one another. The girls end up calling a truce at the silent rave but Sarah is distracted when she spots Archie with another girl and rushes off to the toilet in tears. Zoe tries to comfort her, but an upset Sarah confides that their night together has made her question everything. But they are unaware that Kris is in next the toilet cubicle listening in. Kris goes over to tell Nancy that Sarah and Zoe have had sex, with Mike overhearing every word.

Josh is at his wits end trying to make the emotional Amy happy, but she is convinced he’s going to leave her as soon as someone better comes along. After a failed attempt to cheer her up, Josh decides to ask Amy to marry him, but wants to get Mike’s permission first. He visits Mike to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage but is crushed when Mike says no.

Also, Kris rumbles Michaela and Zak’s get rich quick scheme and Justin gets a promotion.

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