Sarah’s stay is extended

Sarah attempts to explain her presence to a shocked Susan and tries to apologise for the damage she did to their relationship in the past. Susan is upset and angry with Karl but things don’t improve when Paul reveals what Sarah’s doing in town. He also informs Sarah that her employers have insisted she spend the next three weeks at the Erinsborough paper… and she’s going to be using Susan’s office! Meanwhile, eager to preserve his chances with Susan, Karl begs Sarah to conceal the extent of their affair but Sarah’s somewhat offended and Karl worries he’s gone too far.

Rani gets a shock when Sophie shows her a really nasty Internet page that someone has created about her family and Rani quickly realises it’s been inspired by her own posting. She rushes home to tell Ajay, who’s very understanding about it all, and she bumps into Sophie who’s persuaded Kate to let her find her friend. But then Sophie is shocked when Rani gets into more mischief. Is she going off the rails?