Sasha advises Jett on bullying

John tells Gina that Tilda has been bullying Jett and she’s determined to do something about it. Jett, however, wants to deal with it himself and insists they stay out of it. Gina agrees but asks Sasha to talk to him instead as she’s been bullied herself. Sasha gets Jett to admit that he feels he deserves to be bullied as he was a bully himself when he came to Summer Bay and should be punished for it.

Sasha wants to spend time with other friends but Rosie only wants to hang out with her and gives her a necklace as a token of her friendship. As Rosie sits in the diner waiting for Sasha’s four-hour shift to finish, Sasha begins to feel smothered.

Roo refuses to give Spencer’s father any information about his son and Harvey eventually asks him to leave. Harvey realises Roo wants the kids back in her life so he suggests they offer the teens emotional and financial support as long as they go to school and study. Spencer and Maddy agree. Spencer’s father insists his son leaves with him but Spencer hugs his father goodbye. He’s staying.

And Celia tells Heath off in front of Bianca for displaying his tattoos. When she understands what the couple have gone through, however, she apologises to Heath, telling him he should marry Bianca as she’s obviously the one for him. Later, Heath takes her words to heart and proposes to Bianca.