Sasha and Fletch crave a fix

As Sasha and Fletch are drawn further into drugs, they become even more isolated from their friends. Michaela is disgusted by Sasha’s attitude as she dismisses the state she was in the previous day, and Fletch doesn’t even notice how stressed out Josh is. Later, Sasha and Fletch see a quick fix to their cash woes when Josh leaves his MP3 player unattended. But witness Michaela is quick to tell Josh about the theft.

Josh is mortified when he sees Rhys and Beth together in public, and Michaela helps spread the gossip through the village. The police arrive to arrest them, and Beth and Rhys are interrogated about their relationship, leaving Gilly feeling guilty about turning them in. The reality of prison makes things look more hopeless for Rhys and Beth, and they decide the only option is to run away together.

Sarah is shocked when Hannah tells her the truth about Rhys and Beth, but convinces Hannah to try to enjoy life rather than worry about her warring family. But watching her family fall apart around her, Hannah worries that her eating disorder will return. Meanwhile, Steph feels guilty about filming Rhys’ arrest in the village and asks Niall to delete the footage.

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