Sasha and Fletch get thrown out

Feeling the effects of last night’s heroin use, Sasha and Fletch regret using the drug, and Sasha flushes the evidence down the toilet to stop Ste and Amy finding out. But their sickly state and paranoid behaviour raises Ste’s suspicions and he realises what they’ve been up to when he finds a piece of silver foil in the toilet bowl. After forcing Sasha to put her hand down the toilet and get rid of it, Ste throws them out.

Despite his misgivings at hearing that Jake and Nancy are getting wed at the hospital, Russ agrees to be best man. Meanwhile, Sarah and Hannah try to discourage Nancy from marrying Jake, but stubborn Nancy has a strop and tells them not to come to the wedding. Elsewhere, Russ suggests to Jake that he’s rushing things, prompting Jake to lose his cool and chuck Russ out of the flat.

Max reassures OB that Tom can handle the news that he’s leaving Hollyoaks for London, and OB is relieved when Tom appears to accept it. But they realise Tom may have got the wrong end of the stick when he brings a suitcase downstairs and starts packing his things. OB has to explain he’s moving on without him, leaving Tom devastated.

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