Sasha’s a wreck after Mercedes revealed Calvin left Warren to die in The Loft. She returns home to oust Calvin, but is left reeling when she realises Leo had known all along. Furious with Mercedes’ maliciousness, Calvin is determined she’ll pay, but his threats fall on deaf ears – Mercedes knows she can ruin him in an instant. Calvin’s crushed when Sasha and Lauren demand he moves out – the decision lies with Leo.

Amy’s nervous about her date with Olly and Michaela offers to babysit. Meeting Meriel from the Chester Herald, Michaela claims she’s a single mum of two, hoping to help keep their house. Meanwhile, Amy and Olly’s date has been a success, when Michaela bursts in and swiftly returns the kids.

Frankie and Loretta are beginning to unite over their worry for missing Jake. The pair are interrupted by the arrival of Caroline, who introduces herself as Jake’s old nurse. She tries to convince them Jake was not fully recovered from his breakdown, but Loretta is instantly wary. She refuses to believe Caroline and, realising she’s trying to turn Frankie against her, throws her out.

Also; Caroline returns to a tied up and gagged Jake, but the news he has a girlfriend at home may finally tip her over the edge.

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