Sasha and Matt say an emotional goodbye

As Matt and Sasha accept their relationship is over, Irene closes The Diner so they can say their final goodbyes. Matt reminds her she is going to be a famous journalist and, if they are meant to be, they will end up together.

Ricky explains that Casey was going to teach Denny how to surf and urges him to give her some space. Ash and Denny speak and Denny says she’s ready to move on, if he’s patient. That’s no problem for Ash. Yet Ricky says if Ash is serious about Denny, he should tell Brax.

Kat and Nate sleep together but, when Matt realises the pair are seeing one another, Kat ends things. When Kat brings a car accident victim to the hospital she is in awe of Nate and how much care he brings to his job. She compliments him but Nate has had enough of her games.