Sasha and Spencer’s secret is revealed

Sasha tells Spencer that he needs to tell Maddy about their relationship today. Later, Maddy admits that she had suspicions about him and Sasha, but now she knows their just friends and she should have trusted him. Spencer, feeling guilty, can’t tell her. He tells Sasha of his predicament and they decide to tell Maddy together. Unbeknown to them, Holly takes a video of Spencer and Sasha kissing and shows Maddy.

Brax arrives home from hospital to hear Kyle and Casey fighting. Casey’s distraught having learned Kyle and Tamara have slept together. Brax punches Kyle in the face. However, Kyle brings up Ricky – despite all she’s done to tear their family apart, Brax still cares for her.

Wanting an honest relationship, Kyle reveals his sordid past to Tamara. She decides to spend some time with Casey, but becomes overwhelmed when he plays her a voice message she left him when they were together. She goes back to Kyle, feeling he’s the only one she can trust.

John asks Marilyn why she has been behaving so strangely, so Roo and Harvey tell John she has virus. When John comes by the house to check up on her, Marilyn assures him that she is fine. However, when John invites Marilyn to join him for lunch, she feigns a dizzy spell.