Lauren is embarrassed at Valerie’s attempts to establish herself in the village, but Sasha is intrigued when Val invites her for a night out. Later at The Loft, Val makes a beeline for Zak, much to drunken Katy’s irritation. Val and Katy clash and a drunken brawl breaks out, with Sasha and Val being apprehended by Calvin.

As Jake waits for the police to arrest Nancy, he continues to be annoyed at her eagerness to spend time with Newt. Horried at being questioned, Nancy denies the allegations of sexual assault, and Newt promises Frankie that nothing went on. But Frankie is sceptical and tells Jake to keep Nancy away from their family. Feeling crushed and alone, Nancy looks to Jake for support, but he turns away.

Also, desperate to get back into Sasha’s good books, Fletch asks Josh to help him get into The Loft. Josh is still annoyed over Fletch’s attitude to drugs, but agrees to help when Fletch promises to give up weed.

And Zak and Justin are thrilled when Katy proposes a booze bender, flashing Warren’s cash. But at The Loft, Justin loses a bet when Zak pulls Val on the dance floor.