Still determined to get Justin, Sasha sends Calvin off on a date with Louise for the night while she puts a plan to snag Justin into action. However, things go wrong when Justin turns up with another girl. Elsewhere, Calvin is concerned when he can’t find his warrant card.

Craig is puzzled by John-Paul’s anti-social attitude and urges his mate to make amends for the past by giving things a go with Hannah. John-Paul half heartedly decides to throw Hannah an 18th birthday party but, while Sarah and Craig act the loved-up couple, he fakes a migraine to get away from her. Later, John-Paul has to think on his feet when his mum Myra attempts to get to the bottom of his gloom.

Jealous Kris can’t believe that Jessica is falling for UFO enthusiast Elliot’s wacky theories. Will decides to invite Elliot to join the gang for a game of spin the bottle, but is stunned when Elliot ends up giving him a smacker when the game backfires. Later, a game of ‘truth or dare’ leaves Elliot confused when Jessica and Zoe share a snog.

Also, Tina and Mike discuss literature in Washed Up, but Tony’s still suspicious about their relationship, especially when Mike comments to Dominic how lucky he is to be going out with Tina.