Evelyn struggles to process that Hannah may never walk again. Sasha and Evelyn go for a walk, where Sasha opens up about her brother Dex – who suffered a severe injury and is now living happily in Paris. Later, Sasha gets the news she received a university offer from her first choice, while Matt receives nothing.

Chris spots John with an issue of the local newspaper that ran a sleazy story featuring Phoebe’s video. John tells Chris that his morning papers went missing so he ordered a new batch. He and Spencer go through the papers at the Surf Club removing the story about Phoebe.

Leah is still in a coma, but the latest CT scan looks positive. Irene sees Zac struggling to cope and offers to look after VJ for a few days. However, they receive devastating news when the city hospital says it’s unlikely Leah will ever wake up.