It’s the day of Sasha’s trial and she’s extremely apprehensive. First Sergeant Watson tells the court she believes Stu’s death was a case of premeditated murder, then Sid comes under fire for defending Sasha. But when Christy claims to have been in a romantic relationship with Stu, a rattled Sasha can’t stop herself from crying foul. As a result, Morag doesn’t think she should take the stand the next day.

April tells Casey she saw him kissing Henri and forces him to agree to split up with her. But, when the time comes, he can’t do it and his relationship with Henri deepens further. Henri even suggests she take a break from teaching so their relationship can be out in the open. April’s appalled but agrees to keep quiet for now.

Romeo backs out of the surfing championship to support the Walkers, but Ruby airs her concerns to Indi who tells her to mind her own business. Romeo’s irritated that Ruby should blame Indi and tells her so, also warning her that her new beau, Steve, is no good for her.