Eager to get her hands on more heroin, Sasha turns to Nige for help. Nige tells her that if Sasha helps him get some cash – she’ll get all the smack she wants. Seeing Steph’s flat empty, Nige orders Sasha to help him break in. Nige breaks the door down and sends Sasha into the flat. She bundles a few things into a bag, including Max’s wedding ring. About to leave, Sasha is caught in the act by a shocked Danny.

Calvin looks forward to going to the Wedding Fayre with Carmel but is concerned by her suspicious behaviour. Later, Carmel agrees to go away with Alek to pretend to be his wife, but insists on telling Calvin the truth first. But, worried about breaking the law, Carmel is unable to tell Calvin where she is going.

Tina feels empty as she arrives home without baby Max. Meanwhile, Jacqui is enjoying being a mother and assures a worried Tony that Dom and Tina are happy with the decision. When Jacqui later visits Tina to make sure she’s alright, Dom tells Jacqui that he and Tina need time alone…

Also, struggling to cope as she makes the arrangements for Max’s funeral, Steph worries about looking after Tom.

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