Sasha bunks off school and heads to Nige’s with Fletch to score more heroin. Desperate, they snatch Cindy’s purse and knock her to the ground. Sasha is ready to give up when she sees the bag has no cash, but determined Fletch tells Sasha it’s over between them if she won’t help. A distraught Sasha bumps into Nige who suggests there might be another way to pay for the heroin…

Lauren tells Newt she knows the truth about the bombs and the cash stolen from The Dog. Newt assures her Eli has left Hollyoaks and there’ll be no more trouble. Lauren is sceptical so Newt takes her down into the Boiler Room to prove it. But, when the fire alarm goes off, she panics and bolts. They later discover the alarm was a result of a bomb scare, but Newt is adamant that Eli has definitely left town.

Max and Steph tell Frankie the wedding is back on. Frankie is elated but warns Steph that Max shouldn’t let Cindy come between them. Reluctant to choose sides, Max’s loyalty is tested when things boil over, and he tells Cindy that unless she accepts he is marrying Steph, she and Holly can no longer stay with them.

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