Sasha is found

Calvin tries not to lose hope as he continues to search for Sasha. When they get news of a possible sighting in London, he and Leo make plans to head down there. Meanwhile, Lauren is thrilled to win the poetry competition, but her family are more interested in finding Sasha. Val tries to make it up to her by arranging a family meal to celebrate, but half the family don’t show up. Later, Calvin is relieved when the police find a scruffy suspect and it turns out to be Sasha, who ignores her brother completely.

After being discharged from hospital, Ste begs Justin for help. Initially dismissive, Justin eventually agrees to help him home. Meanwhile, Amy is determined to get on with her life and goes round to the flat to pick up her things. Just as they’re leaving, Ste and Justin arrive home and Ste blurts out that he loves Amy, leaving her upset.

Exhausted from looking after Max, Jacqui asks her family for help, but gets no offers until Tina sees an opportunity to spend more time with her baby. When Max cries, Tina breast-feeds him and Jacqui is delighted to see a content Max.

Also, Sarah catches Elliot and Hannah in a compromising position.

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