Sid learns Sasha’s little brother, Felix, has run away from home and asks Sasha if she knows where he is. Sid tells her that Felix’s father has now got the police involved in the search. Later, Sasha goes to see Felix, who’s hiding in the condemned school. At the end of her shift at The Diner, she will have enough money for them to move on.

VJ and a friend pass the time by throwing rocks at the damaged school. A rock injures Felix and VJ is mortified. He takes Felix back to Leah’s house to find a first-aid kit but they’re caught red-handed by Miles.

Gina feels defeated by the school closure, but the students organise a petition to save it. At a school meeting, Sid is intrigued when John mentions a little boy Sasha had with her during the storm.

Sasha finishes her shift and steals all the money from The Diner’s cash register. She takes off to retrieve her little brother. But when she arrives at the school, she finds him gone. She’s consumed with worry.