Sasha learns more about Nige’s death

Sasha wakes up to find Calvin desperate to talk about why he killed Nige, while Sasha can’t believe her own brother is capable of murder. Calvin tells Sasha that Nige had claimed he had sold Sasha heroin in return for sex. Sasha eventually realises that Calvin only did what he thought he had to, and that she is actually glad Nige is dead.

Elsewhere, Calvin has a fit of conscience when Ash and Zak challenge him about locking them up, and decides to right his wrong. Despite of Sasha’s protests, Calvin heads to Nige’s parents home and stuffs his and Carmel‘s ten grand life savings through the letterbox. After a night in the cells, Zak and Ash are determined to get revenge on Gaz. Meanwhile, it’s clear Zak and Michaela’s relationship is about to take off.

Determined to spend the day with Lauren, in spite of their love embargo, Newt plots to get Anita involved as his dummy girlfriend. Lauren’s not so sure after Anita’s attempts to keep Newt for herself, but eventually relents.

Rhys bets Hannah that it would be much harder for her to be outgoing and gregarious like him than vice versa. Hannah accepts the challenge and everyone is stunned when she turns up at opening time looking absolutely gorgeous.

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