Sasha has a miserable 18th birthday when she gets disappointing presents, her family meal at Il Gnosh is a disaster and she ends up having a row with Calvin. Sasha heads to The Loft and cheers up when Warren offers to let her have a party at the club. Warren gives Sasha a birthday peck on the cheek and she pulls him in for a full kiss, but he pulls away.

Theresa has managed to get herself a black eye and when Jacqui finds out she’s seeing Ste, she assumes that Ste has hit her. Jacqui confronts Ste about Theresa’s eye and humiliates him in front of the restaurant customers. Theresa convinces Jacqui that Ste is innocent but Ste’s had enough of the aggro and tells Theresa he should never have got involved with a McQueen.

Steph and Sarah take their first dance class in The Loft. Tom and Holly sneak off to Warren’s office and Warren is furious when he finds them. Holly thinks Warren is hiding something and suggests to Tom that they form the Cunningham Crime Busters detective agency to find out what he’s up to!

Also, Justin and Leila are wrong-footed about how fast their relationship is moving, especially when Justin slips up and mentions marriage!

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