Sasha has taken up residence at the Walkers’ and is determined to get a job immediately. When she arrives at the Surf Club, Sasha runs into Romeo. He helps put her in touch with Marilyn about some hairdressing work. A smitten Sasha flirts openly with Romeo but is mortified when he arrives at the Walker’s later in the evening – introduced as Indi’s husband!

When Sid gets home later that night, Sasha pretends to be asleep. But after he leaves, Sasha opens her eyes and begins to cry. Clearly, this is not how she pictured her reunion with her long-lost father.

Gina contacts Xavier to tell him about John being injured during the Surf Club brawl. She really just wants her son to come home and return to his studies. After speaking to his mum, Xavier starts to think about coming home. He assures Kelly he wants to stay, despite the growing tension with Kelly’s mum, Rhonda.

While working on the farm, Xavier cuts his hand and as Rhonda patches him up she asks him earnestly about his future. Xavier starts to think he might be missing home. Later, Xavier confesses to Kelly that he wants to go home and the pair say goodbye.