Sasha persuades Dex to tutor Casey

Sasha begs Dex to tutor Casey though her brother realises she has a hidden motive. When Casey arrives, however, Dex has no choice but, as the study session progresses, tensions run high between the siblings, ending in a row which pushes Casey to leave. In the end, Sasha admits to her brother that she does have a crush on Casey and Dex reveals that he has feelings for April.

When Jett tells Gina that he’s lost his keys and has been sleeping rough on the beach, she decides to take him in, much to the annoyance of John and Xavier. Gina convinces Jett to confess to Marilyn and apologise for mugging her but, as Marilyn is about to forgive him, John arrives with the police to arrest him. On emptying his pockets, Jett produces his keys and Gina heads for his house with the police in tow, only to find the dead body of Jett’s mother in the bedroom.

Marilyn arrives home to find Alf in a poor state and eventually calls an ambulance. Sid examines him and tests soon confirm that Alf has contracted malaria while in Thailand. Alf is suffering but he’s still conscious enough to tell Roo that he doesn’t think Harvey is good enough for her.