Sasha offers to help Amy out by babysitting Leah, promising she’s clean. But, when Nige comes to the flat, Sasha can’t resist his offer and sleeps with him to pay for her fix. Ste and Amy arrive home to find Leah left alone near a needle and Sasha appearing from the bedroom, followed by a half-dressed Nige. Ste throws Sasha and Nige out and Amy is outraged that Sasha has put her daughter at risk…

Niall is devastated to hear the wedding between Max and Steph is back on. Meanwhile, as Steph launches big plans for her wedding day, Jack worries about how much it’s all going to cost. With only 48 hours until the big day, everything starts to go wrong and it’s the last straw when Steph accidentally rips her wedding dress. A devastated Steph announces there’s no way the wedding can go ahead on Thursday.

Danny is really upset at being dumped by Hannah for sleeping with Mercedes and sets out to win her back. He is also unimpressed that Justin has a job interview, but later cheers up when he discovers Justin’s flash new job isn’t actually that impressive.

Also, John-Paul is frustrated Kieron’s job is getting in the way of their relationship.

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